Announcing My New Webinar on Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Announcing My New Webinar on Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

A black and white rat terrier with huge ears is lying on a blue mat and looking straight at the camera
Cricket in her prime

I’m pleased to announce that I am giving a webinar on canine cognitive dysfunction through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy on June 9, 2022, one week from today!

As many of you know, I have a book out on CCD. But this webinar will be a little different from my usual work. Yes, I’ll be covering some valuable research and including some science-y stuff, but the bulk of the presentation will be from my personal experience as a guardian of a dog with dementia. I’ll share what I have learned over the years about caring for such a dog and caring for ourselves.

A black and white terrier is sitting in the lap of a woman who is wearing a pink shirt.
Cricket with CCD, in her last days

Most of the people who come to my website on canine cognitive dysfunction are already struggling with the question of euthanasia, and the most popular post I have on that site, sadly, is on that topic. So I will take that on in the webinar, as well.

The webinar is only $19.95 and includes a copy of the ebook version of my book on CCD, and also a copy of the second edition when I finish it later this year.

I hope you’ll come. I’ve been immersed in this topic for several years and thought long and hard about what could best help people. I’m not a veterinarian and won’t be making any medical recommendations or spending a lot of time on discussing treatment. Instead, I’ll be talking about preparing for and coping with this tough disease.

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