Benefits of having pets at home

One of the most exciting moments of having furry at home is to open the door and meet them after a long day. They look for games; they want to pamper us and we pamper them; they never judge us and they will always see us as their best friends.

However, beyond providing them with companionship and a home; they are not the only ones who find well-being in our care. We also receive benefits for having them around. That’s why, below, we tell you five benefits of having pets at home.

The importance of pets in families

In a series of archaeological excavations in Siberia; remains of dog bones buried 8,000 years ago were found in tombs next to humans. At some point in prehistory; the then domesticated wolves, with whom we shared practical matters of hunting and defense, became companions of life and heart until death.

Today, millennia later, hundreds of people celebrate that coincidence; thanks to her we are accompanied by wet noses, cheerful tails, gestures of play and unconditional affection of dogs, cats and other domestic animals that have become a fundamental part of the daily life of today’s families.

Benefits of having pets at home

Benefits of having pets at home

  1. Avoid feelings of loneliness and depression

Having a pet in the home helps us feel more confident and protected. In addition; it helps relieve depression from feelings of loneliness, as your company stimulates communication and physical contact. They don’t speak, but they surely make us feel their presence.

  1. They can increase social life

Having a pet can mean that we should go for a walk with them, especially if we have dogs, so sometimes we meet other owners or people who go for a walk and who want to appreciate your pet.
That moment can be the beginning of a new friendship. Or, if you have a more homemade furry, such as a cat, you can also find friendships through the use of social networks by having contacts with interest groups.

  1. They help us be more responsible

Having a pet in charge involves planning. We must be aware of their feeding schedules, play, their grooming, the times of day to go to the bathroom, take medicines if they need it, etc. Of course, we must also fulfill our duties. Therefore, integrating their routines successfully into our lives will help us to be more organized and responsible.

  1. They make us happier

When we share some play with them, we experience an increase in oxytocin, we stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine, while decreasing cortisol levels, what does this produce in us? A reduction in stress. So, their happiness becomes ours.

  1. They help us release stress

It doesn’t matter if we had a difficult day at work, study or for some other circumstance. Seeing them and the emotion they share, they help us to channel those negative charges, to make a pause that will bring us a smile and that, without a doubt, will fill us with positive energy to face the difficulties in another way.

In summary, these are the advantages of having pets in the home:

  • Activates oxytocin, called the love hormone.
  • Promotes the establishment of routines and specific schedules.
  • Reduces stress thanks to the moments of relaxation, contemplation and play they provoke.
  • Encourages interaction between people.
  • Promotes the emotional, affective and intellectual development of children and adolescents.
  • Decreases the feeling of loneliness.
  • Stimulates physical activity.

These were the benefits of having pets at home.



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