Dogs and cats together

Dogs and cats together, do you already have a dog at home and would like to have a cat, or vice versa? If that’s your intention; but you’re worried they won’t get along, don’t worry. Your dog and cat can become good friends.

We have the belief that there is an eternal confrontation between dogs and cats, and for that reason, it is impossible for these animals to coexist in the same home. But this does not have to be so, dogs and cats are able to be together and can even have a good friendship. In this article we are going to give you some tips for your dog and your cat to get along from the first minute.

Dogs and cats together: How do I present them?

The first impression is always important and you have the responsibility to promote a good environment for your dog and cat to get to know each other. Allocate a safe space where both feel comfortable. Another important point is that you should never lose patience, this process is gradual, it allows your pets to get closer little by little and in their own time. We tell you some tricks to prepare this moment.

Ideally, both of them should meet when they are puppies.

If the cat and dog are puppies it will be much easier for them to adapt to each other. If they grow up together, they may even become great playmates, as they have learned to interpret each other’s signals. Therefore, presenting dogs and cats when they are puppies can make coexistence much easier.

What to do if they meet when one of your pets is no longer a puppy?

If your dog and cat know each other when they are no longer puppies, don’t worry, all is not lost. If they have socialized with other dogs and cats, and have had good experiences, it will be much easier for them to adapt. You must also take into account the character of each of them. And finally, if they are territorial or have a highly developed hunting instinct, coexistence can be complicated. In this case, you will only need to dedicate more time and patience to make them adapt.

Introduce your dog and cat little by little

Putting dogs and cats together should be done slowly. Follow these steps to ensure a successful coexistence:

Dogs and cats together

Dogs and cats together

  • Leave them in separate rooms and show each one a rag with the impregnated smell of the other. Usually, the dog will show interest; on the other hand, the cat is more suspicious and will not be too interested
  • The moment you see that both are calm with the smell of the other, the time has come to let them see each other. But, for the moment, by far.
  • If you see them relaxed, you can move on to the official presentation.
  • Before you let them interact, take your dog for a walk and play with him. Releasing energy will make him more relaxed and receptive to getting to know your cat.
  • Prepare the cat also for the moment. Cut your nails to prevent them from getting hurt.
  • Keep the dog on a leash to better control it. Probably, you will only want to get close to smelling the cat; but some dogs get a little anxious and the cat may get scared. The important thing, too, is that you are calm, if not, they can feel your nervousness and get infected.
  • Under no circumstances do you force them to approach or smell. The success of dogs and cats together is that you have patience. Give them time and space, they may not become friends, but they will learn to respect each other and live in harmony.

The importance of space for everyone.

If you want your dogs and cats together it is essential that they have their own space. It prevents them from having to compete for bed, food, or water.

A good trick is to place the cat’s drinkers and feeders in high places that he can easily access, but the dog cannot. The cat will eat quietly knowing that the dog will not take away the food, but do not let it approach the dog while it eats. The last thing you want is for him to get angry and believe he has to defend his food.

Place your cat’s litter tray in a quiet place that your dog can’t access. It is important that the cat has privacy to relieve itself.

Another aspect that you must take care of is that of the high spaces and hiding places that your cat needs to feel safe.

Fosters a positive relationship between dogs and cats together.

Spend time with both of you. Offer them prizes and caresses when both are close to you. In this way, the other will see that approaching is positive and beneficial.

It is necessary that they pay attention to both of them and respect their space and their way of being.
As you can see, living with dogs and cats together is possible. Although everything is much simpler if you both know each other when they are puppies or have had previous experiences of socializing with other dogs and cats, with time and patience you can get them to respect each other. However, if you think you have already dedicated enough doses of both resources and do not get along, consult with an ethologist. This specialist in canine and feline behavior will help you improve your relationship.

Here were some tips that can help you a lot if you want to have Dogs and cats together. Tips for a good coexistence


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