Michigan Man Charged After Alleged Abuse Of Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog


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Image from Detroit Police Department via Fox News

A Michigan man was suspected of breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend, stealing her Yorkshire Terrier mix puppy, abusing the dog, and then abandoning it outside in a bucket. The suspect even sent videos of the torture and abuse to hirs ex-girlfriend. 

According to a news release from the Michigan Department of Attorney General, the incident was a part of ongoing harassment and abuse against the suspect’s former girlfriend.

Julius Holley, 55, was charged with one offense of second-degree home invasion, one act of first-degree animal slaughter or torture, one count of larceny in a building, and one count of stalking.

The dog was taken by Michigan Humane to ensure its safety. 

“Michigan Humane is proud to partner with the Michigan Department of the Attorney General to offer not only cruelty investigation but also a safe haven for animals in times of crisis,” Michigan Humane President and CEO Matt Pepper said in a statement. “I’m happy to say that the dog involved in this case, after receiving medical care from our team, is doing very well and has returned home.”

Following the alleged animal mistreatment, officials issued a warrant for Holley. Authorities found him in Ohio, and Michigan received his extradition.


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