New Dad Was Killed By Dog In A Freak Accident


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Image via NY Post

A new dad died in a freak accident during a hunting excursion in Turkey over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

32-year-old Ozgur Gevrekoglu was pursuing a game in the mountains of Alacam in the province of Samsun, located on the Black Sea coast when the accident happened. 

A still-loaded gun was accidentally fired when Gevrekoglu was putting his pet dog in his car because the dog’s paw accidentally touched the trigger.

He reportedly passed away from a gunshot wound to his stomach before paramedics arrived. He was taken to the hospital and later declared dead. After that, Gevrekoglu was brought to a Samsun public hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

It’s not clear which pup set off the lethal misfire. Gevrekoglu shared pictures of himself with many dogs, including a recent one in which the cheerful hunter was holding up a string of dead birds and petting a dog at the same time.

According to several Turkish media sites, Gevrekoglu was actually murdered, and the dog excuse was just a ruse. However, as of now, authorities have not discovered any proof of foul play. 


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