Ten tips to take care of your new puppy

The arrival of a puppy at home is a time full of life and joy. For that reason; anguish and doubt about how to do the best for the development of the puppy should not prevail.

For that reason; here are ten basic tips to make the arrival of the puppy one of the best memories in family life.

  1. Everyone should know that a new member is arriving; therefore, it is recommended to assign tasks to the different family members for their care.
  2. Enlist and prepare a place for the puppy where he can find his bed to rest when required. This place must always be protected from inclement weather.
  3. Indicate and teach the puppy the place where he should relieve himself. This process is not as fast as we would like; and that is why it must be done with patience and dedication.
  4. Have fresh; clean water at your disposal; and toys indicated for your size. This way you will have fun with your toys and not with the furniture of the home.
  5. Take him to the vet to monitor his health and set up his vaccination plan which may vary depending on the area of the country where he is located. It is essential to deworm it according to the indications of the veterinarian; because a single disease can affect the health of the whole family.

    Ten tips to take care of your new puppy

    Ten tips to take care of your new puppy

Other tips

  1. Keep and have at hand the vaccination card since; this document is key to remember the dates on which you should take it to the veterinarian for the respective medical follow-up.
  2. Proper feeding; it is recommended to choose according to your age, lifestyle and breed. That is why you should keep in mind that dogs of small breeds need food for puppies up to 12 months; medium dogs up to 15 months and large dogs until 18 months; because their growth takes longer.
  3. The frequency of meals should be 3 times a day between 2 and 8 months; always at the same times; and should be left for 20 minutes so that you do not get used to eating all day. From 8 months you can start feeding him 2 times a day and; at the recommended age, make the transition to adults.
  4. Spend it at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes; and complement this routine with short outings. Don’t give puppies long walks because they get tired easier; and don’t make them run immediately after they’ve eaten because this could lead to digestive problems.
  5. It is advisable to bathe it once a month. Use warm water and special dog shampoo or soap to protect your delicate hair. If your puppy has long hair; comb it every three days so that it does not get tangled; and if you have short hair; combing it once a week may be enough.

With these ten tips for taking care of your new puppy; you ensure that the arrival of your new furry friend to the house is an incredible experience for your family and for your beloved pet.


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