Tips if you are going to adopt a cat for the first time

Tips if you are going to adopt a cat for the first time. Are you seriously thinking about adopting a cat? If it is the first time you will have a small feline at home, without a doubt, you have to take into account a series of tips that will help you make that adaptation easier. Therefore, we have compiled a series of useful tips to enjoy this new and enriching experience with your kitten to the fullest.

Not like a dog

It is one of the most common problems for newbies with a kitten at home: thinking that their behavior is going to be similar to that of a small dog. It is possible for a cat to seek pampering like a dog, but you always have to leave the cat to your will; let him be the one to seek the contact he wants with us and not harass him. It is not advisable to stress the cat with more contact than he wants. Although they are quite independent animals, they are also very grateful and they love the warmth of their caregiver’s body and will enjoy a good nap on the sofa.

The first thing to keep in mind

What is the first thing to keep in mind when the kitten comes home? There are many things that we must consider, although two of them stand out: on the one hand there is the health status of the animal and the animals with which it will coexist. On the other hand, there is your psychological well-being, for which you need to have adequate resources (water, food, sandbox, games). In both cases, consult with your veterinarian and he will advise you.

  • It should also be borne in mind that cats are very jealous animals of their cleanliness.
  • It is recommended to have a litter box more than the number of cats at home, separated from each other, preferably that they be discovered, and whenever possible with agglomerating and unscented sand (provided that the kitten does not ingest playing the sands, in which case you have to opt for a different type of sand).

As we mentioned earlier, the cat loves cleanliness and spends much of the day grooming. “Under normal conditions you will never have to bathe your cat. But if your cat has long hair, it will benefit from you brushing its hair.”

Take care of your diet

One of the aspects that may catch you out of the game if you have never had a kitten is that of its diet. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to give him an adequate diet to his stage of life (kitten, adult, sterilized adult, senior) and well balanced. “It is recommended that they eat both dry and wet food, and take advantage when they are small to taste all the flavors and textures, we should not always give them the same type of food.

Tips if you are going to adopt a cat for the first time

Tips if you are going to adopt a cat for the first time

A trusted veterinarian

Vaccines, parasitic control… you may also wonder if they need a lot of follow-up by the veterinarian. It is important to have a trusted professional who knows our pet. The frequency of vaccinations and deworming will depend in part on the lifestyle of the cat (indoor or with access to the outside) as well as its state of health. If we adopt a small kitten, we should visit the veterinarian two to three times during the first year. Once the cat reaches adulthood, visits either once a year or every two years. In addition, it is very important to identify the cat by microchip, as we do with the dog, to avoid as much as possible that we can not find our friend if he goes astray. ”

All the accessories you need

Litter box, brush, toys… what will we need at home for our new pet? All cats should have one to two litter boxes, a feeder for the dry diet and another for the wet, a drinker independent of the feeder and wide enough so that they do not rub their whiskers when drinking, since they do not like it, a scraper with stability so that the cat can climb and sharpen his nails, a place to rest, hairbrush depending on the breed of cat and toys, entertainment that is not missing.

What advice do you give us to play with them?

Although they are a calm and independent animal in general, cats need to play and exercise. “They love to hunt any toy that moves (a ball, a feathered rod, a toy mouse, etc.), but it is important not to play with them to hunt our hands, because then it will grow and continue to do so, since we have taught it, and they can hurt us unintentionally.

Are there cats that adapt better?

Any breed of cat can adapt to life inside a flat, but it is important to know that, if a cat has lived all its life outside, suddenly locking it in a flat can be a great stress for it. However, if the cat is very young and / or has been born in a flat, continuing to live in a flat will not mean greater stress as long as it has all its basic needs covered (food, sandbox, rest, entertainment / game). If, on the other hand, we have a house with a garden or terrace, we can let our feline enjoy the outside life.

What if there are other animals at home?

There are people who ‘premiere’ with a cat at home, but who already had other animals, dogs on many occasions, how should we face it? We advise consulting with a veterinarian or other professional before adopting a pet, since depending on the state of health of the pets we already have and their characteristics and character, they can guide us towards which pet we should adopt so as not to have problems in the future.

Is it true that there will always be rivalry between dogs and cats and they can never be friends?

The truth is that it is a myth, because both species can live in harmony and more if they have done so since puppies. If not, you have to have a little more patience and trust that social behavior is extremely adaptable, although it will probably require a slower adaptation process. As with children, you have to respect that period. Our job is to respect the needs of each species and each pet separately.

There were the Tips if you are going to adopt a cat for the first time.


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