Venture Capitalist Needed – Angel Dog Diary

The board at Zorros’ Zecurity has decided to follow Cash’s advice and spend more to generate profits.

Dear Diary, I always wonder who is on the board, I know that is not anyone that no does any practical work. I think it is Goldie herself (a therapy dog and HR manager), Cash (an economist), Chat (the spokes dog), and then various specialty managers (like PR, Health and Safety, Training, External Affairs, Equality and Fairness) of which I have lost count. I almost forgot, I assume Zorro as the founder of the company is on the board, but I am not sure. Zorro seems awed by the dogs from business school (the ones that have never run a business) and goes along with whatever they decide.

The problem with Cash’s idea is that we have no currency left, which in doggy heaven mainly consists of FOOD. Cash has never bothered with the details of the economy. He told me he is an ideas dog; he thinks big and does not keep balance sheets.

“Don’t worry,” he told me. “We just need a venture capitalist to invest in Zorro’s Zecurity and then we can have the company cars!”

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