Zorro is Fired – Angel Dog Diary

Toff and Zorro have been bickering all the time and on Toff’s suggestion, the shareholders took a vote on ousting Zorro from the board; Cash and Goldie voted with Toff, and they got 51%. Zorro is no longer in charge of the company he founded!

Zorro said they could get rid of him totally if they bought him out, which they immediately did. Then they patted him on the back and told him to not take it personally. Zorro looked sad and crestfallen.

Goldie made press releases about the changes and posted on Instadog, Bark, Pawlink and Nosebook “that the company (TiT) was moving in new and exciting directions with a modern and forward-thinking board. Unfortunately, old Zorro was unable to adapt to the changes and has elected to resign. We wish Zorro all the best in his retirement which will allow time for his hobby of bee keeping.”

“Bee-keeping?” I asked Zorro, “is that what you intend to do? Are you not angry about being ousted from your own company?”

“Don’t worry,” said Zorro, “I have this. Toff has just bought a company with only outgoings and massive liabilities in pension funds. I am walking away with massive amounts of tins of food. I am taking Loba and you with me and remember, Loba was the only one doing patrol work and you the only one keeping accounts. I pretended to give up and retire so they would be unguarded. I even got the name Zorro’s Zecurity back and my original company is completely intact and richer than ever.”

Zorro, Loba and I raised our champagne glasses in a cheer. “Good luck Toff in TiT!”

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